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Win-win cooperation:

Delivery date: Normally after the contract takes effect 15 working days for delivery (after receiving deposit)while providing 100 samples bottles,caps 100.(For buyer to test the running).

Payment: 30% of the total contract amount has been paid to the supplier then the contract came into effect, before delivery(after buyers inspection),then pay 70% of the total amount, equipment will delivery out the factory. Before supplier's engineers arrived, water, electricity, gas, steam and supporting facilities should be prepared well.

After-sales services:

If you need technical assistance for setup, we could send 1-3 qualified technical personnel to your site for installing and debugging the equipment.

We provide the passport and visa fess for our engineers. The transport passenger tickets to and from your site, room and board fees, traffic and personal safety insurance will be provided by you. Our engineers will carry any special instruments that may be required.

Your company will provide our debugging engineer and maintenance engineer fees of $120.00 for each person per day.

Our engineers would train your staff to use the machine proficiently.When the machine setup is successful,we offer 1year of limited warranty and lifetime maintenance.For non-quality problems caused by damage to the equipment,we offer concession services entirely at your expense.If you have any questions, please contact us.

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